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The Orpheus Group is a projection firm, a company that specializes in Out of Body Experiences. The leader in its field, the Orpheus Group (sometimes shortened to Orpheus) is known for its solid, professional reputation in dealing with ghosts and hauntings.

For a fee, the Orpheus Group will send agents capable of projecting their spirits to investigate suspected hauntings. Sometimes these turn out to be frauds or false alarms, but in the case where a haunting is real, Orpheus agents have been trained to deal with the situation in a number of ways, from helping a lost ghost transcend to simply fumigating the offending party. Orpheus also takes on assassination attempts and murder contracts on living people (which it innocuously refers to as wetwork), but only reluctantly and on a strictly limited basis.

Orpheus Group began as JDG Cryogenics in 1986, a firm specializing in freezing and caring for the bodies of the terminally ill so they could be safely revived when a cure for their condition was found. Through Jane Kennedy’s experiences, Orpheus discovered some of their clients were actually able to eject their spirits from their body and then return without any ill effects.

Seeing great potential in this unusual side effect and spurred on by stockholders Kennedy and Oliver, JDG decided to reform the company to take advantage of the growing projection field. They became the Orpheus Group in 1994.

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The Orpheus Group

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