Jack Tilton

Chief Executive Officer at The Orpheus Group


Jack Tilton is the Chief Executive Officer of The Orpheus Group projection firm. Best known for the so-called “Archalloy Miracle” heralded in the business press five years ago, Jack Tilton is the Vigorous and innovative CEO of Orpheus Group. As the former CEO of steel distributor ‘Archalloy’, Tilton turned that company around, bringing it to $US10M profitability after more than ten years of it floating around the ‘zero mark’.

Tilton came to Orpheus two years ago at the behest of the board of directors, saying he was ‘looking for a new challange’. The board chose Jack Tilton because het provides a charasmatic and energetic face to the company, and because his unique vision enables the Orpheus Group to provide a strong return to the groups investors.

From the corridors: In spite of his reputation as a whiz with company finances, not everyone is in his favor. Although his hiring was primarily at the behest of board member (and former Orpheus client) Jane Kennedy, many board members generally seem to be against him. George Oliver, Chairman of the Board of Directors, seems to have the most issues with him, especially after Tilton attempted to take the company’s stock public without permission from the board. Oliver would dearly love to fire Tilton, but Tilton has done nothing to warrant such an action.


Jack Tilton

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